Have you just got here and you have absolutely no clue about where are you? Then keep reading, I'll try to explain, briefly, what my story is:

Back in the days, after The Lord of the Rings fever had started to fade out and the rumors about a new Hobbit movie were starting to get stronger, I decided that if that was going to happen I should be in New Zealand to be part of it. 
It was september 2007, right after I had finished my studies -to eagerly be a movie director- and while I still had some money from my waitering job for the summers. By then, all the news pointed that The Hobbit would start filming somewhen in 2008, so it was a perfect timing for me, and I decided to take a plane to the spanish Antipodes... New Zealand.

And then the delays started. From 2008 I started hearing and reading lots of different new dates, problems... You know what I'm talking about. It all started to seem like a dream way too far to be reached. 

All this time I've been living in a marvelous New Zealand paradise called Milford Sound, waiting for the green light to be lighted so I could start thinking that my dream was a bit closer. And so on, The Hobbit is already being filmed.

What now?

Now I have to convince someone that I am capable enough to be working in this movie. I've tried already, Eru knows I've tried hard, nothing seems to be working in the direction I'd like it to go, so now I have just desperation left by my side.
I know I'm not the only one trying this, and I'm already trying to accept that this will probably stay as a dream I couldn't make true; but... what if? I can't give up completely without a last push, and that's how HobbitMe became a reality. My last try to be a part of The Hobbit.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you'd be already helping. If you spread the word and tell your friends, a bigger chance of finding someone who can -and want to- help me would be closer.
Would you help me to make HobbitMe a common word on the net?

- Nicolás -